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The Nurses Apron Partnership

Apron Story

Posted: 23 January 13

So many of our associations with aprons have to do with cooking, with the kitchen. Not surprising, as it is there that so many women through the generations have rolled up. . . read more

The Tea Time Apron

Posted: 12 December 11

I lost my dad in WWII when I was 18 mos. old. He was on the ship (USS Indianapolis) that delivered the parts of the atomic bomb to the Mariana Islands which later was dropped. . . read more

If Old Aprons Could Talk by Marta Strong

Posted: 2 April 10

It is amazing how a plain old apron can stir up so many memories and emotions. This apron is not fancy and the pockets resemble two patches sewn on each side of the front.. . . read more

My Sew and Sew Journey by Thelma Harmon

Posted: 28 March 10

I was sewing at 9 years of age. I remember well the doll dresses and hats I made to match them. I was not allowed to sew on Sundays so on that day I made hats with cardboard. . . read more

Look for Us in the Kitchen by Linda Schlesinger Mabry

Posted: 31 January 10

I hope there’s a kitchen in heaven. My loved ones know to look for me there. In fact, I expect to go to heaven straight from my own kitchen, leaving behind a freezer full. . . read more

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

Posted: 25 September 09

What happens when 50 musty vintage aprons discarded from the household goods of two women fall in to the hands of 50 RN’s who are also writers and artists? Our. . . read more

The Pink Ghetto by Mary Jo Reimer

Posted: 27 August 09

Life through the early 1960s was very different from what we women experience now. As I was growing up, I had a strong interest in the healthcare world, but my ambition waned. . . read more

Preface to Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

Posted: 11 August 09

We were seated in the most remote booth in the busy upscale restaurant, near the university where I had been his student almost fifty years before. I arrived before him for. . . read more

In Our Voices-Rebekah Nesbitt

Posted: 3 July 09

Rebekah Nesbitt contributed this lovely story about the experience of a nurse who cares for children undergoing heart surgery. The poignant story exemplifies the voices of several nurses who wrote “in our voices” about the meaning of nursing. Enjoy!

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Mom by Sharon Adkins

Posted: 6 May 09

For Mother’s Day, please enjoy this tribute to Mom, written by Sharon Adkins. This piece will appear in our forthcoming book, Gotcha’ Covered: A legacy of service and protection which will be available in summer of 2009.

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