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The Nurses Apron Partnership

Gotcha Covered: TNAP Logo Apron

This sturdy blue canvas bib-front apron with extra-deep pockets is no longer available, but stay tuned. Pretty soon we will have some amazing information and images to share with you about aprons being made in Kenya by a microcredit cooperative of grandmothers which will be available for sale at BBI.
If you are subscribed to the TNAP web page you will be among the first to know.

In the meantime, check out these gorgeous retro-style aprons for women, men, and children—both bib and half-aprons—available through An Apron Story

I got my book and love it. It reminds me of the 28 aprons I dug out of my mother- in-law’s house when she died. I passed them on to my girl friends and wonder now -why couldn’t I be as creative and clever as you are!!
- Cathy Ravella, Pittsburgh, PA

Each essay, commentary, and story is as unique as the apron adopted by
its writer. The book’s introduction speaks of feminism, but the book speaks from the heart of each apron and its connection to its adopter. This book is about purpose and traditions – some forever lost – others more recently found or rediscovered. It is about identity and bonding we should all long to understand. It is artfully done from opening with the opinion of a college waitress right down to generations of retro images of an apron’s place and the women who remember.
- David B. Stewart, Franklin, TN

I just spent a delightful Sunday afternoon with Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection. The perfectly penned stories, the charming poetry, and engaging photographs opened a welcoming window to many writers I’d like to call my friends.
Nurse or not, cook or anti-cook, every woman should treat herself to this step back in time for a visit with a mother or sibling, a grandmother or beloved aunt. Like a treasured family quilt, some of the apron pieces will call up laughter, while others, a tear, or for some, a knowing smile. For the read, I donned a vintage apron. I laughed and I cried.

- Milam McGraw Propst, author of the Ociee Nash series

Just have to say, I loved your book. I am astounded at the amount of work it must have taken to bring it together. Just compiling the references and bibliography section looks monumental. I especially found your preface and introductions extremely interesting. Well written, too. Interesting to note the history of apron use based on the changing role of women over the years.
- Mary Ann Weakley, Spring Hill, TN

I just had to tell you—I just got my copy of Gotcha Covered. What a sweet book. I love it.
This book is a perfect gift for a special nurse friend for Christmas. I am so glad I ordered a copy. What a precious thing.
- M. Deborah Corley, PhD Dolores, CO