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The Nurses Apron Partnership

Gotcha Covered ties together with Sybarisa

Posted: 23 January 13

When I recently had dinner in Nashville with Isabel Bernardo, founder of Sybarisa, I gifted her with Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection. I had no idea she soon would fall in love with our apron story.

A few days after our meeting, she told me she had read Gotcha Covered almost non-stop and was very touched by what we had done. A day or so later, she sent me an email saying she planned to use Gotcha Covered at an upcoming women’s retreat as a vehicle for connecting the stories and experiences among the attendees.

A week later I received an urgent message from Isabel telling me she was at the retreat site in California and had been desperately scouring the Internet for extra copies of our book, having just learned there would be additional women arriving for whom she had not brought enough books. Could I, she asked, possibly find several more books and overnight them to her?

We were in luck, since I had just received a shipment from the publisher and I packed up one shrink-wrapped group of four books, got them out by FedEx the next morning, and she soon had them in hand in California. Isabel has now shared Apron Story for all of us to enjoy.

Thanks, Isabel, for helping share our story and for joining your apron ties with ours!

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