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The Nurses Apron Partnership

Letter from Jocelyn Macharia end of 2013

Posted: 12 March 14

Pass my regards to TNAP. tell them, the ‘ BATTLE FOR HIV and AIDS’ continues. We are still in the ‘Battle Field’, and believe to . . . read more

Gotcha Covered contributor and nurse veteran Diane Carlson Evans guests on NurseTalk

Posted: 27 January 13

The media is abuzz about the recent decision by the Department of Defense to allow women to be in combat. As a part of this national dialogue, producer Pattie Lockard of. . . read more

Gotcha Covered ties together with Sybarisa

Posted: 23 January 13

When I recently had dinner in Nashville with Isabel Bernardo, founder of Sybarisa, I gifted her with Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection. I had no idea she. . . read more

Letter of thanks from Rosemary Kamunya

Posted: 15 January 13

This letter was received via: TNAP web site, from Rosemary Kamunya, proprietor of the WAKA Continuing Medical Education Center, built in part with funds from TNAP, through. . . read more

Burning Bush Inc. completes, mission, dissolves

Posted: 9 January 13

News today from Burning Bush Inc., the designated recipient of TNAP donor and royalty funds, includes the decision by the BBI board to end its work in Kenya. TNAP is pleased. . . read more

Post-graduation update from Jocelyn Macharia

Posted: 18 December 12

Writing from Kenya, Jocelyn Macharia, who recently completed her masters in community and pastoral counseling from the University of Wales, says “The group that I was. . . read more

Wonderful news from Jocelyn Macharia

Posted: 7 October 12

(This is an excerpt from a letter sent to Poppy Buchanan from Jocelyn Macharia, who entered graduate school in Kenya on May 25, 2009, with funding assistance from The Nurses. . . read more

Apron Museum visit chronicled

Posted: 24 June 12

For those of you who have Facebook, check this out Thanks, Carolyn. Eager to hear more news!

All aprons donated to Apron Museum

Posted: 30 May 12
Carolyn, Frances, and Marilyn on arrival at Apron Museum

May 30, 2012 Frances Edwards, Marilyn McAtee, and Ginger Manley, three contributors to Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection, traveled from Nashville, TN to. . . read more

Linda Mabry cooks for Presbyterian missionary

Posted: 30 April 12
Linda Mabry, Gotcha Covered contributing writer

Gotcha Covered contributing writer, Linda Mabry, recently was photographed wearing her TNAP logo apron while cooking for her church women’s circle in Florida for a. . . read more

The 50th Nurse

Posted: 14 December 11

When I was putting together Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection from 2006 through the middle of 2009, I begged and pleaded with my VUSN ’66 classmates to. . . read more

Apron adopters reunite with their aprons

Posted: 4 December 11

On Oct. 22, 2011 twelve of the 49 nurses who adopted aprons met in Nashville and were reunited with their adoptive apron long enough for a photo shoot. Sometime in 2012 it is. . . read more

Gotcha Covered available through Barnes & Noble

Posted: 29 July 11

Who knew that Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection is available online through Barnes & Noble? By sheer accident I discovered today that it is, which means. . . read more

Frances Edwards receives Lifetime Achievement award

Posted: 18 May 11

Nashville, TN During the recent Salute to Nurses ceremony, sponsored by the Tennessean newspaper, Frances M. Edwards received the Lifetime Achievement award. In an interview. . . read more

Progress Report from Jocelyn Macharia April 2011

Posted: 19 April 11

April 13, 2011 I hope (all) members of TNAP are fine. Me and my family here in Kenya are doing well. I have been very busy with school assignments, and. . . read more

Death of W.A. Maloney

Posted: 20 February 11

W. A. (“Dub) Maloney, husband for 64 years of Katherine Maloney, whose aprons provided the inspiration for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection, died on. . . read more

Gotcha Covered receives positive review from Writer's Digest

Posted: 19 January 11

Writer’s Digest likes Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

read more

Sad news from Central Kenya

Posted: 18 January 11
Eustace and Rosemary Kamanyu

Eustace Kamunya dies suddenly Dec. 27, 2010.

read more

Progress Report from Jocelyn Macharia January 2011

Posted: 17 January 11

Jocelyn writes: “I have just finished January semester and the hand of God has been guiding me. The next semester will be in May 2011 then. . . read more

Jocelyn Macharia receives "distinction" for graduate paper

Posted: 17 October 10

Oct. 18, 2010 Jocelyn Macharia, whose graduate education in Community Pastoral Care and HIV/AIDs is being partially funded through the royalties received from sales of. . . read more

One year anniversary of Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

Posted: 15 October 10

Oct. 15, 2010 It has been almost a year since Gotcha Covered was chosen by the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Alumni Association as its choice for a gift to bestow. . . read more

Nashville Association of Women Business Owners help celebrate TNAP

Posted: 30 July 10

At the June meeting of NAWBO, Ginger Manley, founder of TNAP, shared with these women business owners in Nashville about ways she and others have helped women business owners. . . read more

Link to Scrapbook Pictures just discovered

Posted: 12 June 10

One never knows where something will turn up. Today, while surfing for something else, I ran across a scrapbook page of photos from our book launch party last October on the. . . read more

Gotcha Covered featured at Book Fair

Posted: 18 May 10

May 15 found Suzanne Blievernicht sharing a table with her daughter, author Melanie Blievernicht (Divorce is Only Human, 2010) at the Women Writers Book Fair, a benefit for. . . read more

Update from Jocelyn Macharia (May 2010)

Posted: 17 May 10

I am fine and doing well, but very busy writing my research. We had a good time with Poppy, her daughter and her grand children. I am still . . . read more

Nurse Zone features The Nurses Apron Partnership in recent story

Posted: 16 May 10

Click here to read

VU Alumni Magazine Spotlights Gotcha Contributor Linda Mabry

Posted: 11 May 10

The Spring issue of Vanderbilt Alumni Magazine features Linda Mabry’s story, “Look for Us in the Kitchen,” excerpted from her literary piece in our book. We. . . read more

The Young Meat Stacker by Avis Smith

Posted: 28 April 10

Continuing along the thread of Avis Smith, here’s part two. (To read part one, click here) “When I left hospital pharmacy and entered the South Australian. . . read more

Avis Smith and aprons

Posted: 27 April 10

One of the great joys of this venture into apron-ology has been the opportunity to meet some wonderful new friends. Among my treasured new friends is Dr. Avis Smith, formerly. . . read more

Landmark Booksigning

Posted: 18 April 10

Seven Gotcha Covered contributors enjoyed an afternoon of great fellowship and story swapping in this wonderful treasure of a book store in downtown Franklin. We were pleased. . . read more

If Old Aprons Could Talk

Posted: 12 April 10

Marta Strong has fond memories of times spent with her apron-clad grandmother. Enjoy her story submitted, along with an illustrative photo, after she had learned about. . . read more

Thanks from WAKA Continuing Medical Education Center

Posted: 8 April 10

I want to sincerely thank the entire Nurses’ Apron Partnership for all the assistance you sent through Poppy. The books, supplies, BP Machines among other items were. . . read more

Landmark Booksigning set for April 18

Posted: 7 April 10

Sunday afternoon April 18, 2010 from 3-5:00 Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin, TN, will host a book signing and reception for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and. . . read more

Thelma Harmon's Sew and Sew Journey

Posted: 4 April 10

In late October, 2009, Appalachian Christian Village in Johnson City, TN, hosted a book signing and reception for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection. Among. . . read more

Poppy Buchanan leaves for Central Kenya

Posted: 1 April 10

April 1, 2010—This morning Poppy Buchanan and six of her family members left for 10 days in Central Kenya. Since early February Poppy has been recruiting donated. . . read more

Maury County Presbyterian Women: "Legacy of the Apron"

Posted: 30 March 10

On Saturday March 27, 2010 the Maury County (TN) Presbyterian Women gathered at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia for their spring cluster meeting. Almost 100 women from. . . read more

"Seven are given their diplomas Thurs," headlined The Anderson (S.C.) Daily Mail

Posted: 28 March 10

Marta Strong cherishes the memory of her late mother-in-law, Minnie Caudle Strong, who was one of the proud graduates pictured in this photo taken just before the graduation. . . read more

Mrs. Graham, UK registered nurse, passes away

Posted: 24 March 10

Mrs. May Graham, a retired nursing officer at a psychiatric hospital in Great Britain, passed away February 22, 2010 in England and was buried with her late husband in a. . . read more

Apron Conversations

Posted: 22 March 10

In Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection I included the story known as “The History of Aprons,” which has been passed around the Internet from friend. . . read more

The Gift of a Student Nurse's Apron

Posted: 16 March 10

March 16, 2010—One of the many joys of sharing about Gotcha Covered is that I meet wonderful folks who gift me with apron stories and sometimes also with aprons. The. . . read more

Gotcha Covered travels to Adelaide, South Australia

Posted: 6 March 10

March 6, 2010—In late December 2009, Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection traveled almost 10,000 miles, from Nashville to South Australia, where it was. . . read more

Help needed for Poppy's trip to Kenya

Posted: 28 February 10

March 1, 2010—During the first week of April, Poppy Buchanan and six others, including several of her family members, are traveling to Kenya for the opening of the WAKA. . . read more

Recent Update from Jocelyn Macharia

Posted: 9 February 10

Feb. 9, 2010—(by email) I have never been so exited for been in school like this time. This has been my dream course since I started doing Primary . . . read more

Gotcha Covered featured in Georgia Peachez Blogpost

Posted: 5 February 10

Georgia blogger, Suzy Spence, received Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection as a Christmas present from her mother, who attended a book signing in Johnson City,. . . read more

Mabry essay to be featured in Vanderbilt Alumni Magazine

Posted: 31 January 10

Feb 1, 2010 “Look for Us in the Kitchen” by Linda Schlesinger Mabry, VUSN ’66, has been selected by the editor of the Vanderbilt Alumni Magazine to be. . . read more

Gotcha Covered featured in The Apron Museum

Posted: 15 January 10

Jan. 16, 2010 Who knew that there is an apron museum and that it had its beginnings just a month or so before Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Proection also came into. . . read more

Update from Jocelyn Macharia

Posted: 5 January 10

To all members of Burning Bush Incorporated and The Nurses Apron Project who have made my dreams come true to take a graduate course directly involved with the community. . . read more

The Nurses' Apron Partnership in Tennessee Nurse

Posted: 26 December 09

See p. 1 & p. 9

Gotcha Covered on Talk of the Town

Posted: 22 December 09

Click on the screen to watch the segment about Gotcha Covered that aired on News Channel 5’s Talk of the Town on Dec. 22, 2009

Great story in Williamson County AM

Posted: 15 December 09

Dec. 15, 2009 We continue to receive wonderful publicity in our regional newspapers. See Williamson AM Many thanks to Bonnie Burch for helping tell our story. As far as I. . . read more

Gotcha Covered meets An Apron Story at Dickens of a Christmas

Posted: 13 December 09

Dec. 12, 2009 Franklin, TN Amid near-freezing temperatures and a threat of rain (snow?) the 24th annual Dickens of a Christmas festival opened this weekend in downtown. . . read more

Gotcha Covered in second printing, now in paperback and national distribution

Posted: 10 December 09

Dec. 10, 2009 Beginning later this month those hard-cover editions of Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection will become a collector’s item. Three months. . . read more

Last of courageous WW II nurses dies

Posted: 3 December 09

Subject: An ‘Angel of Bataan’ Dies at 95 November 16, 2009 Knight Ridder An Owensboro, Ky., native and one of the “Angels of Bataan” died Nov. 13.. . . read more

Gotcha Covered contributors on Facebook

Posted: 8 November 09

Nov. 8, 2009—As we continue to tweak our Facebook page—listed as The Nurses Apron Partnership— please enjoy this photo of twenty-two of the contributing. . . read more

The Nurses Apron Partnership now on Facebook

Posted: 4 November 09

Nov. 4, 2009—If you are a Facebook person, please look for us at Facebook Thanks to our Gotcha Covered contributor, Bev Byram, we now have a Facebook page and will. . . read more

Aprons Becoming Headliners!

Posted: 1 November 09

Nov. 1, 2009—A very successful book signing was held yesterday at Appalachian Christian Village in Johnson City, TN. Suzanne Blievernicht, Sara Jeanne Wells, and Ginger. . . read more

Aprons Go on Tour-Travel to Johnson City, TN

Posted: 28 October 09

Oct. 29, 2009—Oct. 31 may be Halloween for many folks, but at the Appalachian Christian Village in Johnson City, TN, Oct. 31 will be the occasion for a Gathering of. . . read more

Debut party is history--Great time had by all

Posted: 26 October 09

Oct. 26, 2009 The launch/debut party for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection was a huge success with over 100 attendees including 22 of the author/artist. . . read more

Williamson Herald lauds Gotcha Covered--Supports Fundraising Partnership

Posted: 22 October 09

Oct. 22, 2009—The Williamson Herald, “the voice of America’s greatest county,” warmly tells the story of the aprons, the book, and the mission in. . . read more

More publicity for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection

Posted: 19 October 09

We are delighted to be featured in the Oct. 14, 2009 “News from Williamson CO” section of Westview, our community newspaper (Scroll through to page 16) Thanks,. . . read more

Excitement builds for debut party of Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection--Colin Linden to perform

Posted: 16 October 09

Oct. 16, 2009 It is beginning to look like “a very good time will be had by all” on Sat. Oct. 24,2009 from 2:30-4:30 PM when the debut party for Gotcha Covered: A. . . read more

Burning Bush Inc. helps feed 305 families

Posted: 14 October 09

Please click to read more about the work being done by our humanitarian partner. As we in Middle Tennessee are deluged with continuing rain and wonder when we will again see. . . read more

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection at the TNA Convention

Posted: 13 October 09

Oct. 14, 2009 The annual convention of the Tennessee Nurses’ Association will take place at the Marriott Convention Center in downtown Chattanooga Oct. 16-18, 2009.. . . read more

Authors make splash at Southern Festival of Books

Posted: 10 October 09

Oct. 10, 2009 Nashville-Amidst 40 mph winds, tornado warnings, and rain, the 22nd annual Southern Festival of Books convened Oct. 9, 2009 for a three day run on Legislative. . . read more

Gotcha Covered in the news

Posted: 30 September 09

Our book and our story are getting some wonderful local coverage

Gathering of Aprons at Miss Daisy's Kitchen--Launch party for Gotcha Covered

Posted: 26 September 09

September 26, 2009—Save the date! On Saturday, October 24, 2009, the official launch party for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection will take place at. . . read more

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection is now available at Vanderbilt University Hospital Gift Shop and in Jonesborough, TN

Posted: 22 September 09

The first run of Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection has been delivered to folks who pre-ordered and praise continues to flow in for the book. We are very. . . read more

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection is now available at Landmark Booksellers

Posted: 12 September 09

Sept. 11, 2009 Franklin, TN Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection is now available at Landmark Booksellers, 114 E. Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064. E-mail. . . read more

We have a few books--more to come later.

Posted: 8 September 09

Sept. 8, 2009 Nashville—We can claim today as our publication date, because 50 copies of Gotcha Covered were delivered to our publisher on this date! That’s your. . . read more

Book being printed--Mary Jo Reimer's story helps the wait seem shorter

Posted: 30 August 09

Aug. 30, 2009—Mary Catherine Nelson, our multi-talented publication manager at Published by Westview, Inc. holds the proof copy of our book. Somewhere in Pennsylvania,. . . read more

Proof copy of Gotcha Covered delivered to publisher

Posted: 23 August 09

Aug. 21, 2009, Nashville, TN—The printer’s proof copy of Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection was delivered to Published by Westview, Inc. this AM.. . . read more

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection can be ordered now

Posted: 13 August 09

August 13, 2009—As we await delivery of our book, expected around Sept. 1, 2009, please pass the news to friends, family, and colleagues that they can get a jump on. . . read more

Book cover and sales opportunities

Posted: 9 August 09

It is still several weeks before Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection will be in our hands, but I could not wait to share with everyone our book cover. The. . . read more

Gotcha Covered goes to press

Posted: 2 August 09

Aug. 3, 2009— Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection goes to press today. There have been numerous last minute details to which we have attended with the. . . read more

Gotcha Covered chosen as gift book

Posted: 26 July 09

Even before publication the folks at Vanderbilt Medical Center are helping to promote our forthcoming book, Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection. The VUSN alum. . . read more

Gotcha Covered goes to publisher

Posted: 5 July 09

On July 6, 2009, the manuscript for Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection went to the publisher, Published by Westview, Inc.! We are a little behind schedule,. . . read more

Jocelyn Macharia begins graduate school today

Posted: 25 May 09

May 25 is the first day of school for Jocelyn Macharia, the first Kenyan nurse to receive a micro-credit loan through the TNAP donors who are supporting Burning Bush, Inc.. . . read more

Honoring Armed Forces' Nurses on Memorial Day by Ginger Manley

Posted: 23 May 09

In the fall of 2003, while I was awaiting my second total knee replacement a few weeks hence, I visited Washington, D.C, with my husband, John. We wanted to visit the Wall,. . . read more

Gotcha Covered publishing contract signed

Posted: 14 May 09

The publishing contract between TNAP and Published by Westview, Inc., was signed May 6, 2009! We are thrilled to be working with the very capable folks at this Nashville. . . read more

TNAP publicity in The Tennessean May 10, 2009

Posted: 12 May 09

Please enjoy this article about TNAP and Burning Bush, Inc., from the recent Salute to Nurses published as a supplement to the Tennessean.

National Apron Day-May 11

Posted: 10 May 09

Until recently, I was completely unaware that National Wear Your Apron Day existed or that it was coming up so quickly. It turns out it is a fairly new event which is. . . read more

TNAP publicity

Posted: 4 May 09

TNAP listed on Hopebuilding web site! Click here to read TNAP listed on BBI web site! Click here to read


Posted: 30 April 09

My wife, Ginger, along with some of her nurse friends, has founded The Nurses’ Apron Partnership (TNAP). click here (use the “back” button on your. . . read more

Virginia Trotter Betts writes foreword to Gotcha Covered

Posted: 13 April 09

We are so pleased to announce that Virginia Trotter Betts, MSN, JD, FAAN, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities and former. . . read more


Posted: 24 March 09

The steering committee of TNAP has collectively pledged $250 to cover the costs of Jocelyn’s enrollment fee at St. Paul’s. Many, many thanks! We are making a great start. . . read more

Happy Spring!

Posted: 20 March 09

Especially to celebrate the onset of Spring, enjoy Amanda Pendley’s poem click here and the accompanying dogwood photograph. The poem tells the true story of her. . . read more

Meet Jocelyn Macharia, RN

Posted: 17 March 09

Jocelyn is 50 years old and lives with her husband in the Central Highlands of Kenya, near Mt. Kenya. She speaks English and Kiswahili. She is a Kenya registered nurse and. . . read more

Microfinance 101

Posted: 16 March 09

Part One: So Much for So Little by Ginger Manley In 1989 I resigned from my secure position on the faculty of a university school of nursing to pursue my dream of. . . read more

TNAP in the Fall 2008 Issue of Vanderbilt Nurse Magazine

Posted: 6 November 08

We have a small story in the current print issue of Vanderbilt Nurse , and it directs folks to more info in the online version .

Gotcha Covered Publication Update

Posted: 4 November 08

We are in discussion with a new potential publisher who has a completely different direction in mind for our publication than what I had envisioned initially. If we go this. . . read more

Several Apron Ladies Honored at Vanderbilt Centennial Gala!

Posted: 25 October 08

Several of our “apron ladies” were recently honored at the Vanderbilt Centennial Gala in Nashville as Top 100 Leaders from the first 100 years of VUSN. Congrats. . . read more

Burning Bush Inc. Open House

Posted: 18 September 08

Poppy Buchanan hosted an open house on Sept. 15 at her home and she and Amanda Pendely shared much from their recent trip to Kenya. Amanda has written a summary which I will. . . read more

Gotcha Covered book orders