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The Nurses Apron Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a TNAP donor partner?

A TNAP donor partner is anyone who supports the mission of TNAP and wants to pass though TNAP’s doorway to contribute to the microcredit fund administered by Burning Bush Inc., a 501©3 organization targeting the advanced education of registered nurses in Kenya.

2) If I pass through TNAP’s doorway am I obligated to contribute?

No, but we hope you will be an enthusiastic participant by the time you have read about what we are doing and where your money will be used.

3) How can a $10 donation make any difference in a problem as large as the lack of resources in Kenya?

Your $10 (or more if you can give more) will combine with those of hundreds of other concerned folks around the world. If 700 individuals give $10, the tuition for Jocelyn will be secured.

4) What exactly happens to my money after I make a donation?

You will have the option on the Burning Bush Inc. (BBI) web page to pay through PayPal, a secure service used widely across the Internet for credit card payment, or you can send a personal check to the Nashville address of BBI. In either case your money will be deposited in the BBI bank account. BBI will wire the money directly to St. Paul University to be used for Jocelyn.

5) Is my donation tax deductible?

In most cases it is tax deductible, but for assurance you should check with the person who handles your taxes.

6) Will I receive an acknowledgment from BBI of my donation?

BBI is not required to acknowledge gifts under $200, but in most cases they will do so within the limitations of their volunteer office staff.

7) Can I make my donation in honor or in memory of a nurse who is special to me?

Yes, there will be an opportunity when you donate to specify anyone in whose name you are donating. Donating in the name of someone can become a tradition for gifting at holidays and other special occasions.

8) What kind of due diligence has BBI done regarding this recipient?

BBI has known Jocelyn for more than three years and knows her to be a person of considerable business acumen and integrity. She has been recommended for this loan by her peers in the Mt. Kenya Private Nurse Practitioners Network.

9) Is this actually a microloan or is it just a gift to Jocelyn?

This is a microloan paid on her behalf directly to the school. She will have somewhat lenient terms of repayment, since it is doubtful that she could pay back the entire amount in her lifetime. The money will not come back to BBI. Her agreed upon loan repayment will be made to the Mt. Kenya Private Nurse Practitioners cluster microcredit account to be used by them for continuing education, supplies, and training as decided by the group. Jocelyn will be expected to repay some of the loan to the cluster by offering continuing education and training to the members of the group.

10) Is there a maximum amount of money I can donate?

There is no maximum amount and all donations are accepted with extreme gratitude. Since many donors are themselves experiencing somewhat limited resources during these difficult economic times, the idea of many giving a little has a great deal of appeal. So much can be done with very small amounts.

11) How much of my donation will go to overhead for BBI?

None of your donation will be used for overhead for BBI. Because BBI is a completely volunteer organization, it passes 100% of donations directly to the recipient.

12) How do I know that BBI will not mismanage my donation?

There are clearly no complete guarantees about this but BBI has agreed-upon accounting practices for the funds and they will monitor Jocelyn’s academic progress for the duration of the loan. They have funded and overseen seven microcredit groups in the region and have developed reciprocal relationships of trust with the community members and leaders, who have as much stake in the success of these projects as do the officers of BBI.

13) Where can I buy *Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection?

Gotcha Covered: A Legacy of Service and Protection is availble through online sales click here and in the following select locations:

Landmark Booksellers, 114 E. Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064.
E-mail Phone number: (615) 791-6400
click here for Landmark web site

Gift Shop
Vanderbilt University Hospital
1211 Medical Center Dr.
Nashville, TN 37232
(615) 322-3422
(615) 343-3457 Fax

Mauk’s Pharmacy, 101 West Main, Jonesborough, TN 37659 (865) 423-4648

Visitor’s Center, International Storytelling Center, 117 Boone St., Jonesborough, TN 37659 (865) 423-1010

*14) If I buy a book at one of these stores, how much of the purchase price goes to the Kenyan RN’s?

The arrangements vary with each store, but in general, about $15 of the price you pay will go to Burning Bush, Inc., for its micro-credit loans for the Kenyan RN’s.

Gotcha Covered book orders